Today the biggest problem of the country is unemployment. It has become difficult to get a good government job or even a non-government job by reading and writing. People whose parents work, their children also want to do the same work because they find it easy. Is because he has been watching that work since childhood.

Today we are celebrating 73 anniversary of independence, but still there is a huge problem of poverty in our country, people do not have their own house, children are not getting proper education, it is difficult to sustain life. The main reason for all this is our The number of employers in the country is very less and the number of employers is very high whereas the number of employers should be more.

But more than 90% of the people give priority to government jobs and expect the same from the child, whereas today, due to rising inflation, people's expectations in life have increased and the needs have also increased, nowadays people are meeting their needs- They end their life and blame their fate for not being successful, people often have a big house, a big car and a desire to live a successful life, but this does not happen.

We all want that we all have all the comforts and well-being in our lives that a successful person possesses. Today, the whole world discusses Bill Gates and Dhirubhai Ambani. These people are not related to working families but to business families And he knew that his dreams could not be fulfilled.

Therefore, he decided to do business and today he has all the comforts of the world if you also want to give all the comforts to your family. If you also want to fulfill your dreams, then you also have to do business.

Remember, you can fulfill your needs all your life with a job and cannot do more than this.

You Can Fulfill Your Family's Dream By Starting A Good Business And In The Progress Of The Country You Can Also Contribute.