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Started in countries like America or business is expanding all over the world. Network marketing is not a new business or just a new way of doing business. Today most companies want to make direct contact with their consumers so that they and their consumers get more and more Can get more profit because the more medium in the middle the less the profit, the people who do not understand it will often Sir else do you criticize the work but those who wisely study take full information about the business and work to learn it he will earn more money here than any other business.

In a few years you will find most people doing network marketing business, but people starting this business will be earning less money than people, this is the nuances of this business, which is very important for you to know, now we know about the old marketing system. That is the old marketing system that we have been seeing all the years that any product reaches the customers from the company One has to go through many stages to get it and all of these have a percentage of profit of all and in addition to the profit of all people, millions of rupees are spent in the advertisers who promote the product but its Do not use and the entire burden falls on the customers.

Above we learned about the old marketing system but now we know about the new marketing system network marketing. According to network marketing, if you look at the system carefully, then in this system, any product in this system will be directly from the company to the customers. Reaches through this network people make together who use the products of the company they buy Disseminate them and tell this to our relatives friends, this work is not new because we have been doing this work for years, like if we buy any new cloth from a clothes shop. So we tell him about it to his friends to his relatives, which makes the shopkeeper profitable.

We do not make any profit nor from the shopkeeper nor the relatives but in the network marketing system there is a system whereby you buy the product according to your needs and connect with the company and even then if you have any knowledge about the product If you spread the publicity, you get its profit, the most important thing from this system is that you not only get paid for the sales you have done. Rather than giving your product to people who get you money on cell went by them added to your network.
All the people who buy products from this system become a part of network marketing and all the people work together in a team and the most important thing is that all the people together make money and some part of the purchase of the people will give you a lifetime. Keeps on getting

Apna Store Smart Business has the following benefits.
        1. Economic freedom, however much income you can make, freedom of time ‚There is no capital in this business.
        2. Low start can start business at low cost ‚There is no risk of loss due to less capital.
        3. It can be done from home No office is needed.
        4. It is a national level business and can be done anywhere in India‚ It is not a business to sell things like a salesman going from house to
        5. Your personality develops in this business. Through this business you develop confidence and your thinking gets a new direction.
        6. More money can be made here in less time than any other business.