Importance Of Money

We Need Money For Our Basic Needs, Apart From Bread Cloth And House, We Also Need Money For Better Education And Social Security Of Children, Nowadays We Are Living In An Era Where The Importance Of Money Has Increased Greatly.

Today, The Person Is Known In The Society As An Economic Status And We Cannot Keep Ourselves Away From This Changing World, We Have To Accept This Change So That We Can Change To Catch Up Significantly Affected By Today's Generation Media.

Where They Get To Know About Being Connected With The World. Today's Generation Sees Where The World's Richest People Live And Enjoy Life. Today Our Needs Have Increased More Than Ever Due To Modernization. Mobile Today Phone Has Become An Important Part Of Our Life, Today We Cannot Live Without Internet

Today No Parent Wants To Send Their Children To Government Schools. We Spend Lakhs Of Rupees Every Month On The Education Of Children. Earlier People Used To Use Government Buses For Travelling, But Today One Or Two Motorcycles Are Mandatory In Every House.

Also, The Electricity Bill Has Increased Many Times Than Before, Due To Low Income, Middle Class Families Are Very Upset Today, Our Banks Today For Everything We Provide Loans, But Until We Are Able To Repay The Loan And We All Cannot Turn Our Back On The Fact That One Day We Will All Be Old.

We Cannot Work Continuously With The Same Ability And Energy, We Play All The Responsibilities In Life And Where Does A Common Man Have So Much Money Left From Life's Problems That He Can Worry About His Wishes And Old Age, But Now We Have More.

There Is No Need To Be Upset, Who Says We Cannot Fulfil The Responsibility Of Our Family, Who Says That We Should Fulfil Our Dreams And Dreams Throughout Our Life Who Will Not Get The Opportunity To Say That We Will Be Under The Debt Of The Bank Because Now We Have A Business That Belongs To Us.

Now, By Being A Part Of This Business, We Can Be Free From All The Financial Problems Of Life, We Can Earn So Much Money By Our Will Power That We Can Give A Happy Life To Our Family And Fulfil All Our Dreams Because Money Not Pleasure But The Best Means Of Happiness.