Important note please note .........
The general public is informed that before entering our website and working with us, it should be known that our company is not a financial investment scheme or any other investment plan or industry undertaking of any kind.

The main business of the company is to sell only the products of the well-known companies at the maximum retail price, written and marked, the commission eligibility reference of its store consultant. Will be based on sail and on pv / bv basis.

Any person who is willing to become their store's consultant promotes the company's product sales and publicity without undue influence and understands very well that it is a work based on effort and diligence from the successful marketing of the product does not receive commission through sale of product or plans to invest any automatic rewards. No membership of any kind is charged.

Our company does not allow any of its advisors to charge any amount in excess of the amount of the product from its intended customers. The company does not give any freedom to any advisor to make personal promises to any other person if the consultant if it does, then the company will have no responsibility in it.

TAll payments will be accepted in favour of M/S pradhan clusters of india Dwarikapuri chutia ranchi jharkhand 834001. Any person who wishes to become a consultant of his store must be at least 18 years of age, complying with the terms of the company products.

The list is available in the company website and the draft should be in the name of the company only and it should be sent directly by registered post in the company. Switch to. The company will have no responsibility for making payments to anyone other than the company.


The company shall have no responsibility for the act omission or misrepresentation of apna store advisor which is inconsistent or contrary to the apna store agreement or rules. Product purchase based on pv / bv to work as a Independent business associate in the company along with doing, it is mandatory for you to execute the affidavit. And a copy of it has to be sent to the id copy company.

Dear Associate...............

Welcome To Your Store Smart Business

We Heartily Congratulate You For Being A Part Of Our Store Family. We Know That Alone We Are Like A Drop And Can Take The Form Of An Ocean By Organizing. We All Welcome You To This Magnificent And Visionary Organization. We Assure You Of All Possible Support In This Business So That Your Store Can Reach The Pinnacle Of Success In Smart Business And Make Your Life Happy.

!! Special Wishes From Your Organization For Your Bright Future !!

!! Thank You Once Again With My Heart!!

Managing Director
Apna Store
Pradhan Clusters Of India
Founder Cum Executive Officer

In The Context Of The Company

We Are Very Happy To Say That Apna Store Smart Business Is A Very Important Business That Has Been Set Up By Important People For Important People. Apna Store Is A Branch Of Pradhan Clusters Of India Company By Pradhan Clusters Of India Government Of India. The Registered Institute Is The Principal Clusters Of India Working In The Field Of Social Work For Last Many Years And Now It Is Making Its Significant Contribution In The Field Of Business And Entertainment.

The Main Business Of Our Store Smart Business Is To Sell And Provide Services Written And Printed On The Products Of Famous Companies Only At The Maximum Retail Price And Our Company Takes Care Of The Needs Of Everyone, Whether Rich Or Poor, Whether It Is Family Ration And Others. Necessary Accessories Like Clothes Shoes Latest Technology Etc.

The Purpose Of Our Store Smart Business Is That For Every Country To Become Prosperous, Every Family Has To Become Prosperous And This Will Be Possible Only When No Family Member Is Unemployed. Today Most People Are Unemployed Even After Getting Higher Education And Looking For Jobs We Are Wandering In Our Store Smart Business. It Is Determined That Every Person Who Has The Passion To Do Something In His Life Whose Dreams Are Big That We Can To Make You Give Them An Opportunity Where He Is Happy His Future Work And Achieve Economic Independence.

India Is A Rural Country And Most Of The People Are Rural, So The Company Has Tried To Connect Every Villager With Incentive Income To The Family On Product Purchases That Meet The Needs Of The House So That They Can Get Additional Income Through Their Shopping Too.

Because We Know That A Piece Of Wood Can Be Broken Easily But Its Bundle Is Very Difficult To Break. Our Company Wants To Work Together Like A Bundle In Which Everyone Is Together And Everyone Develops.

The Company Has Always Set Big Goals For Itself And Has Tried Its Best To Achieve Them. We Are On The Surface Right Now So We Need To Move At A Faster Pace. We Invite You To Partner In This Flight Of Success. And Our Store Collectively Wishes To Make Smart Business And Prime Clusters Of India Company The Most Successful Company In The World.

From The Chairman's Pen

Dear Friends

Today I Feel Very Happy And Honoured That I Can Do A Few Words About My Store Smart Business. We All Know That This World Is Running Very Fast With The Development Of Science And Technology But After 73 Years Of Independence Even The Basic Needs Of The Common Man Are Not Being Met Day By Day, Rising Inflation, Problems Such As Unemployment Are Taking A More Formidable Form.

Keeping These Circumstances In Mind, Our Store Has Been Laid The Foundation Of Smart Business ‚Our Company's Objective Is To Uplift The Social And Economic Status Of The Common People.

Our Company Takes Care Of Every Needs Of Every Person Whether It Is Clothes, Ration Or Minimum Technology. Every Person Who Aspires To Do Something In Life, We Provide Him A Unique And Unique Opportunity Where He Can Strengthen His Future Financially By Working Part Time Full Time.

Along With Giving People Or Business, We Develop Their Ability And Ability So That It Can Set New Dimensions Of Success In This Tough And Competitive Environment. Our Store Smart Business Has Started With Very Few People, But Now We Have Become A Team. Our Store Smart Business Believes That If Our Objectives Are Clear And We Have Complete Dedication To Our Work, Then There Is No Force That Can Succeed. To Obstruct The Path Of

I Hope Not Only That All Of Us Will Work Efficiently With Each Other's Cooperation, But Will Also Be Helpful In Giving New Dimensions Of Success, Now We Have Started, Yet We Have To Go Much Further. Will Help Us In Achieving Some Percentage Of The Profits From The Purchases You Have Made, Including The Best Wishes Of You And Your Family. Rsha Will Be In Health And Personal Development Programs That Village And Live In Remote Areas.

There Are Still Faces Of Millions Who Only Dream But Cannot Fulfil It.

Pradhan Clusters Of India Is A Small Effort To Fulfil Their Dreams.

You To Can Help Us Take The Country Forward By Being A Part Of Our Company.

Introduction to Life

Today The Biggest Problem Of The Country Is Unemployment. It Has Become Difficult To Get A Good Government Job Or Even A Non-Government Job By Reading And Writing. People Whose Parents Work, Their Children Also Want To Do The Same Work Because They Find It Easy. Is Because He Has Been Watching That Work Since Childhood.

Today We Are Celebrating 73 Anniversary Of Independence, But Still There Is A Huge Problem Of Poverty In Our Country, People Do Not Have Their Own House, Children Are Not Getting Proper Education, It Is Difficult To Sustain Life. The Main Reason For All This Is Our The Number Of Employers In The Country Is Very Less And The Number Of Employers Is Very High Whereas The Number Of Employers Should Be More.

But More Than 90% Of The People Give Priority To Government Jobs And Expect The Same From The Child, Whereas Today, Due To Rising Inflation, People's Expectations In Life Have Increased And The Needs Have Also Increased, Nowadays People Are Meeting Their Needs- They End Up Living And Blame Their Fate For Not Being Successful, People Often Keep A Big House, Big Car And Desire To Live A Successful Life, But It Does Not Happen

We All Want That We All Have All The Comforts And Well-Being In Our Lives That A Successful Person Possesses. Today, The Whole World Discusses Bill Gates And Dhirubhai Ambani. These People Are Not Related To Working Families But To Business Families And He Knew That His Dreams Could Not Be Fulfilled.

Therefore, He Decided To Do Business And Today He Has All The Comforts Of The World If You Also Want To Give All The Comforts To Your Family. If You Also Want To Fulfil Your Dreams, Then You Also Have To Do Business. Remember, You Can Fulfil Your Needs All Your Life With A Job. You Can Do Nothing More Than Start A Good Business And Fulfil Your Family's Dream. And Can Also Contribute To The Progress Of The Country.

Dream Tomorrow's Future

You See A Dream, If The Big Ones Break, Then The Big Pieces Will Come In Your Hand………… (Ravindra Nath Tagore)

Life Is Successful In The Same People Who Dream Big And Who Believe In The Beauty Of Their Dreams, Every Amazing Thing Thrives From Someone's Dreams Before Taking Real Shape, The Dream Of Independence Of Our Country Was Also Seen By Mahatma Gandhi. Results Are In Front Of You, Great Companies Are Also The Result Of One's Dreams, We Should Always Dream Big Because The Bigger The Bigger. Plebeian Be If We Succeed People See We Know, He Never Refrained From Dreaming Big, But Seeing Big Dreams And Realize If Their Dreams Have Faith In Your Dreams.

If We Too, By Adopting The Techniques Of Big And Successful People, Adopt The Spirit Of Doing Our Work, Then We Too Will Be Successful Like Them. In Today's Modern Era, We Know Of Successful People That They Started At A Very Low Level Of Mastery In Their Field.

Start Your Store Smart Business In The Same Way Thinking People Like You, This Opportunity Gives You The Opportunity To Enter This Great Business So That They Too Can Make Their Dreams Come True. We All Start Our Store Smart Business For Some Personal Reasons And Personal Have Dreams To Fulfil.

But Those Who Have Started Their Store Smart Business Due To Big Important Reasons And Big Dreams, You Can Achieve Big Milestone In Your Store Smart Business Career. There May Be Times When You Do Not Get The Desired Results. And People Will Reject This Business Proposal From You.

In Such A Situation, That Important Reason For You To Do Your Own Store Smart Business And Those Big Dreams Will Support You, To Fulfil The Dreams That You Came In This Business And Because Of Your Dreams, You Will Be Able To Work Again With The Courage And Courage.

Keep In Mind That Your Biggest Support In The Opposite Situation Is Your Inner Strength, Which Is Born Inside Your Dreams, We Have Those Big Dreams In Your Mind It Should Be Captured And Kept Repeating These Pictures In Our Mind Repeatedly Because Our Brain Works Through Pictures And Not Through Words, Just Remember Your Dreams Whenever The Situation Is Opposite To You And Then Once That Zeal And Enthusiasm Prevails Within You, You Will Be Able To Touch The Height Of This Great Business.

We All Know That The Future Of All Of Us Is Full Of Uncertainty, But The Best Way To Ensure The Future Is To Build Your Own Future. What We Become In Life Depends On Our Desires And Move Forward With Confidence. You Are On The Right Path And By Following This Path, We Can Fulfill All Our Needs, Responsibilities, Desires And Dreams By Working With Our Store Smart Business.

We Can Assure You That You Can Store Your Business By Adopting Technology Through The System Of Smart Business And Using The Technology Provided By The System. Experienced And Able To Thrive On Hearing The Words Of Leaders Presented An Example Of People Being Managed More Than Your Life.

Importance Of Money

We Need Money For Our Basic Needs, Apart From Bread Cloth And House, We Also Need Money For Better Education And Social Security Of Children, Nowadays We Are Living In An Era Where The Importance Of Money Has Increased Greatly.

Today, The Person Is Known In The Society As An Economic Status And We Cannot Keep Ourselves Away From This Changing World, We Have To Accept This Change So That We Can Change To Catch Up Significantly Affected By Today's Generation Media.

Where They Get To Know About Being Connected With The World. Today's Generation Sees Where The World's Richest People Live And Enjoy Life. Today Our Needs Have Increased More Than Ever Due To Modernization. Mobile Today Phone Has Become An Important Part Of Our Life, Today We Cannot Live Without Internet

Today No Parent Wants To Send Their Children To Government Schools. We Spend Lakhs Of Rupees Every Month On The Education Of Children. Earlier People Used To Use Government Buses For Travelling, But Today One Or Two Motorcycles Are Mandatory In Every House.

Also, The Electricity Bill Has Increased Many Times Than Before, Due To Low Income, Middle Class Families Are Very Upset Today, Our Banks Today For Everything We Provide Loans, But Until We Are Able To Repay The Loan And We All Cannot Turn Our Back On The Fact That One Day We Will All Be Old.

We Cannot Work Continuously With The Same Ability And Energy, We Play All The Responsibilities In Life And Where Does A Common Man Have So Much Money Left From Life's Problems That He Can Worry About His Wishes And Old Age, But Now We Have More.

There Is No Need To Be Upset, Who Says We Cannot Fulfill The Responsibility Of Our Family, Who Says That We Should Fulfill Our Dreams And Dreams Throughout Our Life Who Will Not Get The Opportunity To Say That We Will Be Under The Debt Of The Bank Because Now We Have A Business That Belongs To Us.

Now, By Being A Part Of This Business, We Can Be Free From All The Financial Problems Of Life, We Can Earn So Much Money By Our Will Power That We Can Give A Happy Life To Our Family And Fulfill All Our Dreams Because Money Not Pleasure But The Best Means Of Happiness.

What Is Network Marketing

Started In Countries Like America Or Business Is Expanding All Over The World. Network Marketing Is Not A New Business Or Just A New Way Of Doing Business.

Today Most Companies Want To Make Direct Contact With Their Consumers So That They And Their Consumers Get More And More Can Get More Profit Because The More Medium In The Middle The Less The Profit, The People Who Do Not Understand It Will Often Sir Else Do You Criticize The Work But Those Who Wisely Study Take Full Information About The Business And Work To Learn It He Will Earn More Money Here Than Any Other Business.

In A Few Years You Will Find Most People Doing Network Marketing Business, But People Starting This Business Will Be Earning Less Money Than People, This Is The Nuances Of This Business, Which Is Very Important For You To Know, Now We Know About The Old Marketing System.

That Is The Old Marketing System That We Have Been Seeing All The Years That Any Product Reaches The Customers From The Company One Has To Go Through Many Stages To Get It And All Of These Have A Percentage Of Profit Of All And In Addition To The Profit Of All People, Millions Of Rupees Are Spent In The Advertisers Who Promote The Product But Its Do Not Use And The Entire Burden Falls On The Customers.

Above We Learned About The Old Marketing System But Now We Know About The New Marketing System Network Marketing. According To Network Marketing, If You Look At The System Carefully, Then In This System, Any Product In This System Will Be Directly From The Company To The Customers.

Reaches Through This Network People Make Together Who Use The Products Of The Company They Buy Disseminate Them And Tell This To Our Relatives Friends, This Work Is Not New Because We Have Been Doing This Work For Years, Like If We Buy Any New Cloth From A Clothes Shop. So We Tell Him About It To His Friends To His Relatives, Which Makes The Shopkeeper Profitable.

We Do Not Make Any Profit Nor From The Shopkeeper Nor The Relatives But In The Network Marketing System There Is A System Whereby You Buy The Product According To Your Needs And Connect With The Company And Even Then If You Have Any Knowledge About The Product If You Spread The Publicity, You Get Its Profit, The Most Important Thing From This System Is That You Not Only Get Paid For The Sales You Have Done.

Rather Than Giving Your Product To People Who Get You Money On Sales Made By Them Added To Your Network. All The People Who Buy Products From This System Become A Part Of Network Marketing And All The People Work Together In A Team And The Most Important Thing Is That All The People Together Make Money And Some Part Of The Purchase Of The People Will Give You A Lifetime Keeps On Getting.

Apna Store Smart Business Has The Following Benefits

  • Economic Freedom, However Much Income You Can Make, Freedom Of Time ‚There Is No Capital In This Business.
  • Low Start Can Start Business At Low Cost. ‚There Is No Risk Of Loss Due To Less Capital.
  • It Can Be Done From Home No Office Is Needed.
  • It Is A National Level Business And Can Be Done Anywhere Anywhere In India.
  • It Is Not A Business To Sell Things Like A Salesman Going From House To House.
  • Your Personality Develops In This Business.
  • Through This Business You Develop Confidence And Your Thinking Gets A New Direction.
  • More Money Can Be Made Here In Less Time Than Any Other Business.
  • You Decide For Yourself Whether You Want To Do It Part Time Or As A Full Time Business By Meeting A Lot Of People, Your Social Circle Increases.